By RA Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs
Statement of the RA Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs
Following the recent heated public debates over the award ceremony for the athletes of the Republic of Armenia who achieved high indicators in 2016 where, in many cases, the award ceremony is unrightfully compared with a competition for the top 10 athletes held by a non-governmental organization and, concerned about the various responses, the RA Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, paying heed to the entire sports community, announces that it will start holding discussions on the topic with interested organizations, field experts and specialists.

From now on, the RA Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs will continue to encourage athletes having achieved high indicators in sports, pursuant to Decision N 1282-N of the Government of the Republic of Armenia of 5 November 2015. However, understanding the fact that there is an imperative to assess the potential of all Armenians and to create an opportunity to engage all Armenians in the assessment (make their voices heard and hear their opinions), the Ministry believes that it is necessary to determine the winner of the Best Armenian Athlete of the Year category (bearer of title) based on the preferences of Armenians in Armenia, Artsakh and the Diaspora, viewing as a standard the worthy sons of the Armenian nation who, being the dignified bearers of the Armenian identity, promote (serve for) recognition of that identity and properly represent our homeland in the world.

This is the vision regarding which we wish to hold discussions with different circles of society and wide circles of field experts and specialists in order to create in 2017 a system for the dissemination of the Armenian identity and recognizability of Armenia and the popularization of our values, a system in which discrepancies and misunderstandings will be avoided as much as possible.

We fully hope to unite the entire community of Armenian sport fans around this idea and the option suggested as a preliminary format for implementation of the idea and sum up all the opinions.

Taking into consideration the great public resonance to the issue, we look forward to cooperating with all interested parties.