Ghaidov (Decent) Initiative 2016
On the occasion of International Volunteer Day, the Youth Initiatives Center NGO of Gyumri is announcing another contest for new initiatives encouraging volunteerism, which is part of the already traditional “Ghaidov (Decent) Initiative”.

The goal of the “Ghaidov (Decent) Initiative” is to encourage volunteerism and youth initiatives in the Shirak Province. The contest is open to decent individuals, informal groups and members of non-governmental organizations who are willing to get ready, organize and carry out their one-day decent, tasteful and innovative initiatives for which the YIC will provide them with some money (AMD 70,000). To present your decent initiative, fill out the application form HERE.

The deadline for submission of applications is DECEMBER 2 at 15:00.

We will let you know about the results by the end of the day on December 3.

*Oh, and don’t forget, the initiative must be carried out on December 5 (International Volunteer Day).

For questions and details, feel free to call at 095 91 91 97 or 0312 6 94 97, except for Sundays and Mondays.