By Mariam Hovuni
Today is Apple Day
Today is Apple Day in the United Kingdom.

On October 21st, gardeners present various types of apples, even apples that you can’t find in stores. There are 7,500 types of apple trees in the whole world. Out of all fruits, the “forbidden fruit” is the one that has had the greatest impact on people’s lives. Although it is Apple Day, the day is devoted to all fruits and fruit gardens.

It was first celebrated in 1990. China and the United States are considered the leaders in the production and export of apples.

The longest living apple tree is located in the United States and was grown in 1647 by Peter Stuyvesant, and people taste those apples to this day. In Switzerland, cultivator Marcus Kobert grew an unusual fruit that looked like an apple from the outside, but looked like a tomato inside. The new fruit (or vegetable) was called “Redlove”, and it took 20 years to grow it.

Armenia doesn’t have a special day for apples, but these days apples are being harvested, and children participate in the harvest with pleasure.

So, you can also celebrate Apple Day at home by simply eating an apple.