Leadership program for young Armenians of Javakhk
We cordially invite you to participate in the leadership program designed especially for young ARMENIANS OF JAVAKHK.

The program will provide young Armenians of Javakhk with theoretical knowledge of and practical skills in leadership, human resource management, rhetoric, negotiating and other topics.

The goal of the program is to prepare Javakhk-Armenian leaders who will be able to undertake and carry out projects, consolidate their teammates around an idea and make their professional activities more effective.

The organizers will cover the participants’ expenses. The program is FREE.

To participate, please fill out the following online form: goo.gl/gJAK03. The deadline for submission of applications is November 20, 2016.

For details, feel free to write to us at harmonia.kentron@gmail.com, www.facebook.com/harmoniahk/ or call at 044 888 220 or 099 318 877.

Youth Committee of the “Support to Javakhk” Foundation

Diaspora Armenian Students’ Council

Association of Youth Organizations of the Union of Armenians of Russia and the World Armenian Congress

Harmonia Social Psychology Development Center