By Audio-Visual Journalists NGO
Invitation to a course
The Association of Audio-Visual Journalists NGO, in association with the RA Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs, is carrying out the Young Pedagogues against Trafficking Program.

The program will include a three-day course, which will be hosted in the city of Gyumri from November 3 to 5.

Young pedagogues teaching Social Studies, Law and History in the Shirak, Tavush and Lori Provinces are invited to participate in the course.

The course is open to teachers under the age of 30.

To participate in the course, applicants can send an e-mail to, indicating name, last name, age, e-mail, mobile phone number, subject, province and the phone number of the particular educational institution.

Write “Application Form” in the subject line of the e-mail.

The deadline for submitting application forms is November 1, 2016.


The Association of Audio-Visual Journalists NGO will cover expenses for transportation, stay and food.