By Mariam Hovnuni
Photos by Lusi Sargsyan
2016-09-13 21:43
Vazrik Bazil: “It is necessary to think economically and not think through the eyes of a merchant”
The Armenian Public Relations School hosted prestigious German public relations and communication expert, speechwriter and publicist, Dr. Vazrik Bazil.

Staying true to its principles, the Armenian Public Relations School always organizes meetings with the top professionals of the field for its students. This time, out of the 108 applicants, only 15 were accepted to participate in the lesson held by Vazrik Bazil.

The famous expert has an indescribably rich biography. He has chaired the German Speechwriters Guild, is a member of the German Public Relations Association for over 25 years and is a member of the German PR Award Committee. The prestigious expert is also a public relations consultant for a number of famous organizations.

First, the guest answered questions from the attending journalists and stated that it is important to have command of the tools in the field. “Websites need to be more positive. I think the most important thing is for Armenia to make the transition from the applied field to the creative field, meaning a person shouldn’t look at what others are doing, but master what is available and enhance his own ideas. I think people here need to create their own,” Bazil said.

“It is necessary to think economically and not think through the eyes of a merchant,” the expert says, calling on everyone not to duplicate. Vazrik Bazil regretted to emphasize that many people in Armenia duplicate, thinking that they can meet some kinds of European standards.

Vazrik Bazil was granted the title of Honorary Member of the Armenian PR Association.