By Hrachuhi Almastyan
Mister X: “My heart is in the highlands…”
Armenians born in the 1990s especially remember the singer who started performing with a mask, had a nice voice and whose hidden eyes were a mystery.

The mystery was revealed when the singer showed his eyes and convinced the audience that he would only wear the mask to spark interest and be different from other singers. People started loving the singer for his songs, performances and his voice of an opera singer. Mister X (Artur Hakobyan) talked about the homeland, longing, happiness, love and art during an interview with

Mister X has been living and creating in the USA for many years. Artur, you haven’t made many television appearances for a long time. I know you live in the USA. Please tell us what you are doing now.

Mister X: In 2012, I traveled to the USA for a solo concert. I received an offer and stayed. Perhaps the reason why I don’t make many television appearances is because American television stations are not as good and active as the television stations in Armenia. Well, I also don’t make music videos often. However, I recently presented the music video for my song “Sirum Em Qez” (I Love You). I also wrote the lyrics of the song. Do you miss Armenia?

Mister X: I miss it tremendously…I miss Armenia. I had never been away from the homeland for such a long time…MY HEART IS IN THE HIGHLANDS. What does an artist living and creating abroad lack?

Mister X: The homeland and the opportunity to live and create in the homeland are what an artist living and creating abroad lacks. What have you missed the most in Yerevan (moments, feelings…)?

Mister X: I miss not only Yerevan, but Armenia in its entirety…Noravank Monastery, Haghartsin Monastery, Lake Sevan and Khor Virap Monastery, the temple in Garni and the wonderful Amberd Fortress. I miss Armenian villages. I have missed walking on the streets of Yerevan…Northern Avenue, the Cascade Complex…the cafes in Yerevan…the Davitashen district where my house is located. How are Artur Hakobyan and Mister X similar and different?

Mister X: Mister X wouldn’t appear or sing everywhere, but Artur sings on small and big stages and on different occasions. Artur is a little more down-to-earth, while Mister X is more like a character from a fairy tale. Artur, you used to perform with a mask in the beginning of your career. Do you wear “masks” in life?

Mister X: I and many people often wear masks in different situations in order to resist something…maybe they are hiding themselves, the treasures that they have gathered and don’t want to spread them out in front of those who can’t appreciate them. Did you see any difference in the perception of the audience when you started performing without the mask?

Mister X: The mystery was revealed, but I sing better and feel more confident on stage. I perform much more difficult songs. The audience loves my voice more than the secret of what was lying behind the mask. There were many myths about the singer with hidden eyes. People would say you are blind or have a scar on your face…What is the funniest myth that you heard?

Mister X: They would say I am from a rich family, my father had forbidden me to sing and I was performing with a mask so that people wouldn’t recognize me. However, that was not the case. What is happiness for you?

Mister X: My father has the most correct formula for happiness. He says happiness is when you rush to work because you love your job and when you rush home because your loved ones are there. What role does love play in your life?

Mister X: Everything is empty and boring without love. Love has a great meaning. It means forgiveness, longing, kindness…Without love, a person will simply become a robot…There is a lack of love in the world nowadays. What are you guided by in life?

Mister X: Kindness, justice, truth…one needs to be honest and remember that he is going to reap what he sows now. What is the thing that you would like to do that you haven’t done?

Mister X: I would like to do many things for my country and help each person in trouble. I would like to donate a car to a person dreaming of a car and create jobs for everyone…I don’t know…There are still a lot of things that I would like to do, but I haven’t done them or have left them incomplete. What inspires you when you are creating?

Mister X: I mainly sing about love, and even an unknown beauty can become the source of inspiration for a new song or creation. There is a source of inspiration for my latest songs…