By “Let’s Help Armenian Children” charitable NGO
Let’s help Armenian children
The “Let’s Help Armenian Children” charitable NGO is inviting everyone to another charity rock music concert at Hovhannes Tumanyan State Puppet Theater on September 12 at 19:00.

The concert will feature performances by beloved and well-known Armenian rock bands, including Empyray, Lelocity and Nemra, as well as individual performers Sona Rubenyan and lead singer of the band The Beautified Project Andre Simonian, who will perform as a special guest. All proceeds from the concert will go to the family of Mane Harutyunyan, who has been diagnosed with two-way, 4th degree sensorineural hearing loss (deafness). The only solution is a cochlear implant. Mane also has inner ear malformations, and this has made her surgery impossible in Armenia. Experts say she needs an auditory brainstem implant.

This is a rare surgery, and there are rarely any auditory brainstem implant surgeons. Mane needs 33,000 Euros for surgery and treatment, and most of the funds have already been raised. Currently, Mane needs another 5,000 Euros.

Click the following link for the child’s medical documents: