Armenian-Georgian program for youth
The Youth Cooperation Center of Dilijan NGO is carrying out an innovative project for the youth of Georgia and Armenia.

Training courses devoted to guide work will be held for young Georgians and Armenians of Dilijan and Bolnis (Tavush region of Armenia and Quemo Qartli region of Georgia) through the Armenian-Georgian “Addressing common challenges in youth employment through cross-border tourism development” program. The program is co-funded through the EU Eastern Partnership’s Territorial Cooperation Program.

The program is different from other programs in that the participants will prepare tour packages encompassing intangible assets of the Tavush and Quemo-Qartli regions following the training course. The creation of mobile phone applications providing comprehensive information about the opportunities of tourism in cross-border regions is envisaged as a component that will ensure sustainability of the program. The program will promote the process of developing paths for tourism and solving the problems with youth employment.

The target regions for the program are the Tavush region of Armenia and the Quemo Qartli region of Georgia since they have many things in common in terms of culture and the environment. Tourism is one of the pivotal branches for economic development in these two regions. There is great potential for tourism. It should be mentioned that both regions have intangible assets for tourism, and this is a main component of this program.

The first stage of the training courses will be held in the cities of Dilijan and Bolnisi from June 1 to 3 with the participation of 15 young Georgians and Armenians selected from the Tavush and Quemo Qartli regions through interviews. The second stage (August) will be held in Dilijan, gathering 30 young people from bordering regions (15 from Armenia and 15 from Georgia) who will prepare intangible tour packages based on their knowledge and mapping.

For more information about the “Addressing common challenges in youth employment through cross-border tourism development” program, please contact representative of the Communication and Public Relations Department of the Center of Youth Cooperation of Dilijan NGO Mkrtich Dallakyan (mkrtich.dallakyan@yccd.am , https://www.facebook.com/eaptcarmgeotour/).

About the program: The Eastern Partnership Territorial Cooperation Program Armenia-Georgia (http://www.eaptc.eu) was launched with the purpose of creating a favorable environment for the territorial cooperation between countries, taking into consideration the peculiarities of each

bordering zone, as well as to reinforce the potential of local and regional state and non-state bodies to enhance and implement cross-border programs.