Nicole Kidman: “Every day I wake up thinking I’m pregnant”
Interview with Nicole Kidman.
American-Australian actress, singer, model and producer Nicole Kidman talked about the divorce from her ex-husband and actor Tom Cruise, her marriage with singer and musician Keith Urban and her dream of becoming a mother again during an interview with a href= target=_blank > The red-haired and white-color skin beauty has always seemed to be fine and fragile, but her past hasn’t been that easy. At an early age, the actress was compelled to overcome difficulties in life. At 15, her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, and Nicole was forced to finish her studies early and dedicate herself to house chores. During that period, her mother underwent treatment and recovered. At a very young age, she traveled to the USA to star in films for “big” directors, and that was when she met her first husband, Tom Cruise. For 10 years, she lived a peaceful life at home and at work, but everything changed in an instant. Nicole and Tom Cruise divorced, and neither the mass media, nor friends and even Nicole, were expecting it. To this day, Nicole is amazed at what could have been the reason for Tom’s unexpected decision. The divorce was followed by failures in her career. At the time, she didn’t have many successful roles. However, Kidman isn’t one of those who break down immediately due to circumstances. Five years later, she got married to musician Keith Urban. The actress is happy and in love, but things didn’t go the way they seemed to go this time either. Her husband was an alcoholic, but Nicole managed to save her family. “Marriage is a daily job and a struggle against problems. I haven’t done anything in particular,” the actress says. You started your career and achieved success at such a young age. How did your family react to that? Nicole Kidman: My family has always thought I’m very soft and fragile for acting. Now, as a mother, I understand them. No informed parent wants his or her child to live the life of an actor. It’s very, very hard. We’re always waiting for someone to tell us, ‘I believe in you’, and my parents were just like that. It only seems like everything is smooth. If only you knew how many times I’ve been rejected and how many pitfalls there have been. Of course, if my children decide to become actors, I’ll support them and try to protect them from pitfalls and disappointment that beginning actors face. How did you feel when you were so popular? N. K.: My first encounters at film festivals were truly horrible. I was so young and so unconfident. I didn’t understand how I found myself in luxury, noise and among journalists. I thought, ‘My God, is this really my life? It can’t be’. Then, of course, I learned how to walk on heels, wear expensive clothes and smile in front of every camera. However, I would think about my school nickname (crane) for a long time. I was called that for my height. At the time, I thought I was the ugliest person in the world. Nobody would want to be my partner at school events. You can imagine how surprised I am when people commend me, take pictures of me and refer to me as beautiful and attractive. I must say that I still get nervous when I climb the steps to Cannes, but my profession requires a little courage. Were your parents wrong when they called you a “softie”? N. K.: Of course. Actually, the younger you are, the easier it is for you to overcome failure, at least for me it is. I remember how I would pray to star in a film, and I would get accepted. Even if I didn’t get accepted, I would still pray, and that’s how the pain would go away. It’s very hard to get a leading role. Today, I’m very grateful to those who gave me an opportunity. God knows that I’ve taken advantage of all opportunities and have been fully dedicated to my job. Even now I want to step out o the box and work on turning my ideas and dreams into a reality. I don’t think I’ve played my best role yet. What do you mean? What about “Moulin Rouge”, “Dogville”, “Hours”? N. K.: I must say that I can do more than that. I starred in all those films in the worst periods of my life (that was the time when I divorced from Tom Cruise). It was so strange. I was popular, but everything was broken inside. I remember the award I received for the film “Moulin Rouge”, and then the Oscar for the film “Hours”. When I received the statuette, I had a mix of emotions. On the one hand, I was happy and thrilled. On the other hand, I felt lonely as I was pressing the Oscar in my hand in a dark hotel room and not understanding what all this is for. Yes, it was the rise of my career and the downfall in my personal life. I hope it never happens again. Now everything is fine. You have a good family and a stable job. N. K.: As far as my job is concerned, it’s still not the best. Of course, I try to look at everything philosophically. You don’t always rise in life. In any case, my personal life is more important than my job. I wouldn’t like to use the word “sacrifice”, but I would happily sacrifice myself for Keith and my children. My husband and family always come first. End of discussion. Many actresses even star in films when they’re pregnant and practically give birth at the scene of the shootings… N. K.: That’s what my friends, actors and directors would tell me. I definitely refused to work when I was expecting my child. I did it knowingly. You know, I’ve always wanted to have a child. I’ve waited my whole life for that. (During her marriage with Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman had an ectopic pregnancy and later an abortion). I believe that only an actress with many children can combine acting and pregnancy. I really wanted to give birth to a healthy and happy child. I completely enjoyed being pregnant and do everything that I had to do. At the time, I was offered to star in the film “Reader”, but Kate Winslet got the role. Kate Winslet won an Oscar for that. Don’t you regret it? N. K.: It’s actually the opposite. That was one of the most correct and most important decisions in my life. My daughter, Rose is growing up in an environment of love and happiness, and not only her. My two elder children, Ella and Conor have become good young people. Ella lives and works in London, and Conor is a DJ and travels around the world. I’m grateful to have healthy and happy children. I just don’t want them to get into trouble. The film “Queen of the Desert” is about to go on the big screen, starring you. Could you tell us a little about it? N. K.: The film’s director. Warner Hertzog and I have great expectations. The film is about the life of British archaeologist Gertrude Bell. Unfortunately, very few people know about her. You are so beautiful. What is the secret of your beauty and youth? N. K.: Before the time of actress Meryl Streep, who has been nominated for the most awards in the history of the Oscars and the Golden Globe, aging as an actress was horrible and very frightening. Being young and beautiful is what dominates the world of cinema, but look, isn’t Streep young and beautiful? When I turned 40, I felt that I was entering the second stage of my life. I might be wrong, and this might be my next to last life, or perhaps it’s my last, I don’t know. I hope I still have several more decades. You are starring in films now. N. K.: Not at the moment. I’m getting ready to return to Keith and my children in Nashville. This might sound strange, but I feel unreal in luxurious clothes, on heels and on red carpets. It’s as if I’m viral. That’s not really for me. I want to check my children’s homework and simply talk to people. Is that how you spend your days? N. K.: Yes, like old women. That’s nothing. You haven’t seen the roses in my garden. I understand that I’m talking as if I’m an old woman, but it makes me happy. Besides, I also grow apricot and grapefruit trees. I also make jams and give them to my friends. Rumor has it that your marriage is about to end. Is that true? N. K.: Of course not. Keith and I love each other and aren’t planning on separating. I was recently watching how my husband was performing at an impromptu concert. At that moment, I thought to myself, ‘My God, I worship that man. I’m so happy to have Keith in my life’. I would have loved to meet my husband earlier and have had more children. They would have been wonderful. Don’t you regret starring in the film “Eyes Wide Shut” with Tom Cruise? They say that film destroyed your family. N. K.: That’s absurd. That’s not true. Starring together was a great part of our lives at the time, and what happened brought me to where I am today. I’ve never believed that the pain, separation and my broken heart will be with me my whole life. I’ve always believed in love. At the time, the words of my late father were precious. He said, ‘Nic, what happened has happened. Perhaps it’s not what should have happened, but that’s what happened. Accept it and live.’ Did that hard life experience have an impact on your relations with Keith? N. K.: Of course. It helped me grow psychologically and become wiser and more patient. The respect that I have for Keith completely fills the gap that I had during my first marriage. Do you have family customs that are precious for you? N. K.: I know this might sound a little old-fashioned, but I consider my husband the head of the family and discuss all big and small issues with him. He is our captain. He shows the way, and we follow him. But Keith doesn’t have to discuss things with me. After all, a real man knows what to do and how to do it. What are your hopes for the future? N. K.: Keith and I had a child five years ago when I was 43 years old. My grandmother had a child when she was 49. I don’t think there is a certain age to have a child. After all, you can always adopt a child. Every day I wake up thinking I’m pregnant. Srbuhi Sargsyan