Vanessa May: “Sometimes you need to make mistakes in order to find the right path”
Interview with Vanessa May.
World famous British violinist, composer and mountain skier Vanessa May talked about beauty, happiness and success in an interview with What is the secret of your beauty? How have you preserved it? Vanessa May: I don’t like to put on too much lipstick. I’m not too interested. Since the age of 16, I have been using a cream for my eyes and sunscreen because sunrays can hurt my skin. I have felt the horrible impact of sunrays when I was living in the mountains of Switzerland. I severely hurt my skin. We need to protect ourselves from harmful sunrays. To tell the truth, I have been recently representing an organization that is against the testing of cosmetics on animals. I must stress the fact that when choosing a facial cream, you need to think about the animals that live with us on the same planet. What does one need for self-evaluation and to be self-confident? V. M.: It’s very important to look at yourself in the mirror every day and feel in harmony with yourself, regardless of whether you have washed your hair or not, or whether you have put on extra pounds or not. You need to be aware of your good and bad sides, know the advantages and disadvantages of your body, but continue to love yourself. I think only a self-confident person can show his or her inner beauty. When you look at girls, you see they are young and beautiful with long legs, big chests and shining skin, but they’re not self-confident. They don’t know how to present themselves, how to live, and that’s why they’re doomed to misery. If you don’t accept yourself, you remove people from your life. When you’re happy and think you’re lucky, you convey that same feeling to others. Is it true that your puppy is always with you? V. M.: In the past, I didn’t like concert tours. I would spend most of my time at hotels, airports, make-up rooms and wouldn’t do anything else. Now, I travel with my puppy, and he simply needs to go out. My puppy is a Chihuahua, and his name is Maximus, but I call him Max. You know, it’s very amazing, but my puppy loves to travel. It’s interesting when they say you shouldn’t change a dog’s regime because they don’t like changes. That’s perfectly absurd. Of course, I can’t explain to Max where I’m going. I simply put him in my bag and go to the airport, or sit in a metro or car. When we reach a hotel, he already examines the room and runs around. He gets very happy and excited when he discovers new places. We only have one problem. Max doesn’t like loud music, but I play loud music. That’s why during the show we have to “hide” him. He likes classical music more (laughing). Do you consider yourself a happy person? What does one need to be happy? V. M.: The more we get, the more we want. That’s how a human being is-spoiled and ambitious. What you see when you wipe the “shine” squashing your eyes is what’s the most beautiful in the world. Money can’t buy happiness. Happiness is nature and the people you love. I must say that I bought happiness-it’s my beloved puppy (laughing). I really love to play the violin and ski, and I consider myself a happy person. You know, the minutes that I spend playing with my puppy in my bed help me have the energy that I need throughout the day. My only happiness now is my 3.6 kilogram Chihuahua. What is the secret of your success? Does it have anything to do with luck and making mistakes? V. M.: I believe both success and failure are important in life. I can’t stand it when I make mistakes because I try to have everything under control, but we learn from our mistakes, right? In order to succeed, you need to fall sometimes. That’s the beauty of life. Even if it seems that you’re on the wrong path, that’s still not the end. There’s also a right path. When you undergo all the trials and tribulations, it will seem more valuable. Sometimes you need to make mistakes in order to find the right path. Besides that, I believe you need to be “tuned” the right way in music and in life. The violin is just an instrument, but if you want to play it beautifully, you need more than just the mechanical. You need to feel and be tuned. That’s how it is in life as well. It’s important to perceive and understand life the right way. Srbuhi Sargsyan