Grisha Aghakhanyan: “If the theater paid me enough, I would only work at the theater”
Interview with Grisha Aghakhanyan
Host, singer, producer, showman, actor and dentist Grisha Aghakhanyan returned to Armenia a long time ago. Throughout the years, the gifted man has released many albums and has participated in many projects. Grisha is a U.S. citizen living in Yerevan. In an interview with, Grisha Aghakhanyan talked about how he received a medical education and found himself in the field of arts. Grisha, you were born in Sochi, lived and grew up in Armenia and lived in the U.S. for many years. It’s interesting to know where you feel more at home? Grisha Aghakhanyan: Each of the countries you mentioned has its peculiarity. My mother’s side lives in Sochi where I was born. I have always been in touch with them and visit Sochi from time to time. During the 12 years that I lived in the US, I made friends, and I like the US. As far as familiarity is concerned, Yerevan is definitely the place since I was raised here. You said Yerevan is close to your heart. You are a dentist, a showman, a host, an actor, a singer and a producer. Which of these professions is close to your heart? G. A.: Naturally, the arts are closer to my heart, and that’s why I stayed in this field. I always mention that I chose to become a dentist upon my mother’s desire because she wanted me and my brother to become dentists. I worked as a dentist for three years, and I was good. In reality, you have to love the field in which you work. I didn’t like my chosen profession very much. During my years at the university, I would ditch class and go to the theater. You are involved in many fields of arts. You are an actor, a singer… G. A.: I think a person involved in the field of arts has to be a good actor, a good singer and, why not, a good showman as well. I won’t hide the fact that the more flexible and multi-sided a performer is, the more loved and popular he is. The film “Vorogayt” was premiered recently, and you starred in the film. Could you tell us about the film? G. A.: For an actor, any offer is already interesting, that is, of course, if the offer is a good one. “Vorogayt” was popular, and I knew the crew members. They were professionals, and it was obvious that such a film couldn’t be bad. My character was very interesting. I acted with great pleasure. I have played dramatic roles in theater, but it was some kind of a discovery in the film, and it was interesting how it would work out. In one of your interviews, you mentioned that you love to act on stage. Wouldn’t you like to return to theater? G. A.: I really want to. The only problem is the salary. If the theater paid me enough, I would only work at the theater. You always smile and tell jokes. Is it safe to say that you live a carefree life? G. A.: That’s what many people think, but if we remember Chaplin and Frunzik Mkrtchyan, we’ll see that they were very serious and didn’t live happily. I have also faced many difficulties in life, but I have overcome them without letting anyone know about them. However, I don’t live a carefree life now. Do you have any plans to perform new songs? G. A.: I am telling you for the first time-we are currently working on a new song and are working on the musical arrangement. Our next step will be to make a music video for the song. We will present it next year. We will be presenting the remix of the song. What is the name of the song? G. A.: We don’t know the name yet. Is it likely for you to move to the US again? G. A.: Anything is possible in life, but I don’t want to. As a U.S. citizen, I have come and am living here, and that says it all. Continue the following sentence: “I always remember…” G. A.: I always remember my mother, who passed away two years ago. Is there a word of advice that you are guided by? G. A.: My mother was a very wise woman. She would tell me to enjoy life. Whenever I had problems, I would talk to my mother about them, and she would say to me: “What problems? Enjoy life!” Now, I also think that one needs to enjoy and appreciate life. I know you have no fears, but is there something that you have started getting afraid of? G. A.: Yes, I have never had fears, but as I follow the news and see what is going on in the world, I think to myself that I want world peace. So, now I don’t want to see wars. I get afraid when I read news about such bad things. Mariam Hovuni