Interview with singer Alla Levonyan
“Hayastan”, “Hoynar”, “Sparapet”, “Aghchka Yerge”, “Mokats Harsner”-these are the songs that helped singer Alla Levonyan attract the attention of her fans. What has the singer achieved throughout her career? What does she do besides singing?
Alla Levonyan answered these questions in an interview with What do you remember the most from your childhood? Alla Levonyan: I had a carefree childhood. I would always sing, walk by the railway and pick up stones on the railway lines. I remember how I would take packages of food to my father working in the fields, lie on the green fields and picture myself in the universe as I stared at the blue sky. When was the first time you composed? A. L.: I started composing at an early age. Now, I have over 60 songs. I composed my first big song at “Ardzagank” Studio when I was 17. What festivals and competitions have you participated in? What awards have you received? A. L.: It would be hard for me to remember all the awards now because I have received so many of them in Armenia and abroad. I have received awards at the Armenian Music Awards, awards in the United States and other countries, especially awards at the jazz festival held in Paris where I was the only representative from Armenia. I don’t remember how many awards I have received in Armenia. I have received diplomas of the Ministry of Defense, as well as gold medals from the Nansen Foundation and former Minister of Culture Roland Sharoyan. You are also active in the community. Could you elaborate on this? A. L.: I have been reelected to the public council adjunct to the Police of the Republic of Armenia three times and am a member of the Young Women’s Foundation. Since 2006, I hav been a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in the South Caucasus. I work in the legal and healthcare spheres for children. I have also been a Goodwill Ambassador in Russia, the United States and other countries. I have also participated in several actions. I visit hospitals, orphanages and participated in the efforts for the use of iodized salt. This year marks the 20th anniversary of your singing career. How would you recap the past 20 years? A. L.: Throughout the past 20 years, I have released six albums and have made almost 17 music videos. I have given several concerts in Armenia and abroad and have participated in contests, festivals, charity acts and events organized by the government. The year 2014 was a very productive year for me. I made a music video for the song “Izur” (In Vain) with Arman Aghajanyan, and the people loved it. In September 2014, I gave a concert entitled “20 Years on Stage” and gave a concert in London that same month. In 2015, you opened your official Facebook page. What made you open a Facebook page? A. L.: The boys from my club, my fans and friends. I personally don’t like writing and receiving letters. I prefer to talk and understand people face-to-face. I thank my fans and friends for following updates on my Facebook page, especially Artak Aghajanyan, who played a huge role in helping me prepare my Facebook page. Vache Grigoryan