Tattooing: Is it beautiful, or...?
Tattooing eyebrows, lips and the eye contour has become very common recently. Thanks to that, ladies and women have thick lips, accentuated eyes and beautifully designed eyebrows.
Tattooing eyebrows becomes necessary when they are subtle or can’t be restored in different ways. What is tattooing and what are the complications? Cosmetologist Susanna Muradyan answers this question, as well as other questions. Eritasard.am: What is tattooing? Susanna Muradyan: Tattooing is salvation for those whose eyebrows are subtle or damaged. Thanks to tattooing, people can design their eyebrows and make them more beautiful. Today, people can make their eyebrows beautiful and can accentuate their eyes and lips through tattooing. Eritasard.am: Do the bulbs need to be removed in order to tattoo eyebrows? S. M.: Yes, the bulbs can also be removed, but there are many versions. For instance, they can be removed with a razor, or the eyebrows can be cut short. Eritasard.am: Could you tell us a little about the possible complications? S. M.: The complications depend on the cosmetologist and the customer. To avoid infections, a person needs to use one head of the razor. Even the plate designed for the paint is for one time only. This means that if a person maintains hygiene, he or she can avoid complications. Eritasard.am: Do people tattoo once, or is it required to do it again? S. M.: In reality it depends on a person’s skin. A person can fill it once, but sometimes there are cases when tattooing requires filling a month later or twenty days later. At the moment of filling, there is some swelling. After the swelling is gone, there is a need for balance. Eritasard.am: Are there exceptions? S. M.: Yes, there are. For instance, people with diabetes, allergies and high blood pressure are prohibited from tattooing. Eritasard.am: Is tattooing allowed for pregnant women? S. M.: No, tattooing is strictly prohibited for pregnant women. Eritasard.am: How should a person take care of himself or herself after tattooing? S. M. A person can drink antibiotics, shouldn’t wet that part of the body, should take care with Vaseline and shouldn’t stay under the sun too much. Mariam Hovuni