Roxrite: Love is passion”
“Love is passion.” “The kind are always sincere.” “A person should always treat others the way he would like to be treated.” “If you die, die asleep.”
Slogan: “Let’s support B-Boying. We are the future of breakdance. Let’s transmit our art and skills to the new generation.” Mastery that makes your head spin, flexibility, great talent and diligence…This is how we can describe our hero, the world famous B-Boy Roxrite, who arrived in Armenia a couple of days ago. Roxrite has had his place and role in breakdance for a long time now. He has many fans and loyal friends. As to how he managed to establish himself in the “difficult” world of breakdance, read our interview with Roxrite. How did you come up with the idea of becoming a B-Boy? What made you decide to become a B-Boy? Roxrite: For me, breakdance was a new world. I was 12 years old when I saw youth breakdancing in the park. I couldn’t stop. I stood like a rock, thinking if it was possible. After that, I decided to become a B-Boy. Who helped you take your first steps? Who was your mentor? Roxrite: I became so involved in breakdance that I started watching videos and films and started realizing that I wanted to become a professional breakdancer. My first mentor was a person who had been breakdancing for four years and was rather skillful. He knew everything, including the history, culture and the advancement of breakdance. Do you remember your first competition? How did you feel? Roxrite: Yes, of course. It was in 1975. I lost the first two competitions, and it was painful…It so happened that I would win the battles, but would lose the tournaments. What does winning mean to you? Roxrite: Winning makes me feel satisfied. Winning is a way of showing my success. It provides each person with the opportunity to shine and turn his dreams into a reality. Winning is not just pleasure, but also a way of making money. Do you think breakdance is profitable? Roxrite: In the 1980s, I tried to earn a living by breakdancing. No matter how much I love my job, I have to say that breakdancing provided me with a great opportunity to earn a living. It was my dream that I have already turned into a reality. It was like my American Dream… How do you manage to make incredible moves in the air and make it look beautiful? Roxrite: You have to know your body and control your movements. Only after that will you be able to think of moves that you know by adding a “particle” of you. The most important thing for me is not just crazy moves, but special tricks as well. What does a person need to do to become a B-Boy? Roxrite: First, you have to believe in what you do and be ready for battles, which encourage you to succeed. Many lose because they lack self-confidence and underestimate themselves. Remember-you always have to have faith because faith plays a very important role in a person’s life. Besides faith, you also have to love breakdance. After all, children made up breakdance while playing in their yards for fun. Did becoming a B-Boy turn your life around in any way? Roxrite: I have learned a lot from the “university of life”. I have gained a lot of knowledge from different fields and have traveled to several countries, have met different people and have been introduced to different cultures. The world is my teacher. Had you ever heard of Armenia? Roxrite: Yes, there are many Armenians in Los Angeles (Kim Kardashian and others). If you didn’t become a breakdancer, what would you do? Roxrite: The people around you have a great influence on you. We are all the “products” of the environment. In my case, it so happened that many people around me were poor, did bad things and went to jail. I might have become a murderer or a gangster (laughing). It was actually quite dangerous because you might be under the influence. It was at that point when I realized that I don’t want to do such things and that I need to go to school or do something. You are also a member of a jury. What are the attributes that are more important to you? Roxrite: Good style, beautiful performance and the overall atmosphere are very important to me. I also think the way you treat your opponent is important because breakdance is not a show, but a duel, a struggle. You have to win your opponent. What do you need to do to become a successful breakdancer? Roxrite: You need to be original. You not only have to be good, but also unique and original. If I see a B-Boy doing something that only he can do, I won’t forget him and will give him the chance to move forward because he is an individual. That’s how I began my career. I used to do moves that were different from the moves of others. I had my own approaches. Have you ever thought of leaving breakdance behind? Roxrite: In 2002, I was very confused and under pressure. Leisure was a burden. I had decided to leave dancing behind because I had been broken down, but fortunately, all that is in the past. What are your plans and dreams? Roxrite: I have won 85 times, and my major goal is to have 100 victories, after which I’ll produce a documentary. You have also starred in a film. How did the shootings go? Roxrite: It was strange because I had always seen myself on television and everything was happening around me. During the shootings, I gained a lot of experience in working with the camera and understood how I had to talk and move in front of and behind the camera. What would be your advice to inexperienced B-Boys? Roxrite: The most important thing is for them to be patient and wait for their time to shine. Sometimes beginners want to participate in big competitions, but that’s impossible because you need to work hard to achieve high results. Learn and grow! Gallery: Roxrite B-Boy Lilit Sedrakyan