Svetlana Navasardyan: “Our culture-gene is very powerful”
Interview with the renowned Armenian pianist.
Recently recipient of several international awards, People’s Artist of the Republic of Armenia Svetlana Navasardyan performed during the 6th “Return” Classical Music Festival in Armenia. Eritasard.am was able to sit down for an interview with the pianist, whose extensive list of songs includes more than 60 concertos for the piano and the orchestra, as well as monographic songs. Svetlana Navasardyan, who currently gives master’s classes at educational institutions in France and Japan, told Eritasard.am what she thinks of cultural life in Armenia and she sees the daily cultural life of Armenian youth in the country. Eritasard.am: How would you assess cultural life in Armenia today? Are there many young cultural figures? Svetlana Navasardyan: Armenian culture is always in motion, and that is normal. Of course, there are quite a lot of young Armenian cultural figures presenting art as they feel about life at their respective age. The youth still have a lot to learn. When speaking about how people deliver culture, the first thing that we must mention is that the youth shouldn’t rush into things. Eritasard.a.m: Are there worthy youth who will come and convey a new air to Armenian culture? S. N.: I think there are such youth. There should be no problem with replacement because each young person has his or her place. Nobody can replace one another. Every performer must create for himself. It doesn’t matter if the “cup” is large or small. The important thing is that it exists. It’s impossible to replicate. There definitely have to be talented Armenian youth in our country since the Armenians’ culture- gene is very powerful. Eritasard.am: You give master’s classes during which you communicate with the youth. What do you see in their eyes? S. N.: I see the great desire to improve and become recognized. The youth also attend concerts, and that makes me happy. Eritasard.am: What is the difference between Armenian youth and foreign youth who love culture? S. N.: There are more young people who love culture in Armenia than abroad. In Armenia, both the youth receiving musical education and several interested youth attend concert halls. This is very nice and instills hope. It’s great to see our youth strive to be educated. There is no other way. Eritasard.am: Many people say Armenian culture is in a bad state. What is your opinion? S. N.: I don’t share that view. Perhaps I am one of the few, but I don’t agree. I don’t see grounds for that. Perhaps we can talk about helping local artists travel abroad. That’s what I’m concerned about. We have to “export” Armenian culture because it’s very important. This is what’s lagging, but in general I don’t share such a negative view. Eritasard.am: What is the cultural sphere in Armenia like? S. N.: The sphere has truly developed. Today, we hear more about the cultural sphere than we did many years ago. The people in Yerevan hear better news than the people in Moscow. I think there is better cultural life in Armenia than even in Paris. Of course, that’s not always the case, but it happens frequently. It gives me pleasure to see that. Eritasard.am: They say the Armenian audience is more demanding. S. N.: And I say that all prepared listeners are demanding. It doesn’t matter if the person is Armenian or a foreigner. If art touches you and penetrates into you, then it’s the same everywhere. Human beings are human beings, regardless of their nationality and place of residence. There is a need to penetrate into people through music. Eritasard.am: What does that depend on? S. N.: It depends on nature, great talent and many other things, including correct adaptation of music. Harutyun Tsatryan