Hripsime Khurshudyan: “I will return with a longing for sports”
Interview with Olympic bronze medalist, weightlifter Hripsime Khurshudyan.
Weightlifter Hripsime Khurshudyan managed to give a happy moment to the Armenian nation by scoring the bronze for Armenia during the Olympic Games held in London this past summer. Even though the young athlete just got married recently, she came to Yerevan to receive her award from Tashir Benevolent Foundation. Eritasard.am didn’t miss out on the opportunity and sat down for an interview with the newlywed. Eritasard.am: The Olympic Games ended a couple of months ago. What did you do on your vacation? Hripsime Khurshudyan: Even though I would have liked to have a long vacation, I couldn’t because I had so many guests and was getting ready for my wedding. Eritasard.am: When do you plan on going on vacation? H. K.: My husband and I will be spending our honeymoon in Tsakhkadzor, and only after my return will I start training. Eritasard.am: Aren’t you planning to travel abroad? H. K.: If I have time, why not? We’ll try to travel abroad as well. Eritasard.am: Your husband... H. K.: My husband is an weightlifter and a coach. I hope he will achieve great heights like me, and I will surely support him. Eritasard.am: Has he ever tried to give you advice as a coach? H. K.: He helped me quite a lot before we got married. When I was in despair after my injuries, he gave me strength, supported and encouraged me. Eritasard.am: You recently mentioned that you will be leaving sports behind for a year. Does this mean that you will be taking a break for a year? Won’t you be training? H. K.: I will continue my regular trainings. I simply won’t be participating in the various competitions. However, I will be returning to big sports in 2014. Eritasard.am: Where will you be training? H. K.: In my hometown Kasakh where I will continue to live. Eritasard.am: Don’t you like the capital Yerevan? H. K.: It’s so calm in Kasakh. Yerevan is a very active city. I need rest and wish to live in Kasakh. Eritasard.am: How will the trainings be? Will there be less load? H. K: My trainings will relatively be less. I will fully recover and will return with a longing for sports. Eritasard.am: How will you try to combine sports and your personal life? H. K.: I have just started my personal life and I will make sure that the two never stand in each other’s way. Eritasard.am: Do you wish to have children during this break? H. K.: Of course, that’s exactly why I am taking this break. I would like to have my first child and then continue my career in sports. Eritasard.am: Do you feel that you are appreciated by the government? H. K.: It’s very important for athletes to receive appreciation from their country. I’m grateful for all that is being done. I look forward to more victories. When I return, I will definitely give our nation happy moments. Gallery: Armenian Olympic medalists Harutyun Tsatryan