Artur Alexanyan: “My goal is to become a world and Olympic champion”
Interview with wrestler Artur Alexanyan from Gyumri.

During the London Olympic Games in Summer 2012, 21-year old wrestler Artur Alexanyan (96 kg weight category) scored the bronze medal for Armenia and made all sport fans happy. Recently the young, gifted athlete was in Yerevan, and Eritasard.am simply couldn’t miss out on the opportunity to interview the athlete. Artur Alexanyan told Eritasard.am about his vacation, future goals and trainings, as well as his personal life. Eritasard.am: The Summer Olympics are in the past. What have you been up to these past couple of months? Artur Alexanyan: I took a break and and started training again. Eritasard.am: Did you spend your vacation in Armenia or abroad? A. A.: I only visited Odessa and started training upon my return to Armenia. Eritasard.am: Were you completely cut off from sports during the break, or did you continue to follow up on world sports? A. A.: I was completely cut off from sports for nearly two weeks. There is no other way to relax. Eritasard.am: How are the trainings going? A. A.: I train on a regular basis now. I have a specific training plan since I will most probably be taking part in the play-off for the Europeanan Cup in Moscow on November 10. I started my trainings earlier so that I would be in the best shape on the days of the championship. I would like to do well in the play-off. Eritasard.am: How many hours a day do you train? A. A.: I have two trainings-one in the morning and one in the evening. I have quite a lot to do. Eritasard.am: Don’t you get tired? A. A.: If you organize everything the right way, everything will be fine. Of course, I take breaks, but I have to use them wisely so that I can get back on track. Eritasard.am: Where do you train? A. A.: I train at the sport school in Gyumri where I have been training since childhood. There is everything I need. Eritasard.am: What are your plans for the near future? A. A.: After the play-off for the European Cup in Moscow, I will be training for the Europeanan Cup to be held in March 2013. The play-off for the world cup is in February. The team’s coach will decide who will participate in the world cup, who will participate in the international tournaments and who will participate in the European Cup. Eritasard.am: What about your personal goals? A. A.: My goal is to become a world, European and Olympic champion. I have already become a European champion and will now try to become the world champion before the next Olympic Games. I would like to score the gold medal in the next Olympic Games in Rio. Eritasard.am: During the Olympic Games in London, our two athletes, Hripsime Khurshudyan and Arsen Julfalakyan achieved success and got married after the Olympics. Aren’t you getting ready to get married? Is there anyone you have in mind? A. A.: There is no change in my personal life. I can say that I’m not in love now. Gallery: Armenian Olympic medalists Harutyun Tsatryan