Anahit Sahakyan: “I want to become a good singer”
Interview with the young singer.
Even though Anahit Sahakyan is still in school and sings and dances, she prefers to sing more. The singer has a lot of goals and shared some of them during an interview with youth online newspaper. Anahit talked about her career, as well as her future goals, wishes and dreams. You are a very young singer. How long have you been singing? Anahit Sahakyan: I have been performing on the stage, entertaining everyone with my performances and setting the youth in a good mood for more than seven years now and I hope to continue singing for a long time. What else are you interested in? A.S.: I love dancing. I sing and dance. For the past seven years, I have been attending Gevorgyan Dance Center where I learn Armenian and foreign dances. I would also like to mention that I have been attending hip-hop dance lessons for over a year now. Are you more successful in singing or dancing? A.S.: Of course, I have achieved much more in singing than dancing over the past years. In addition to that, I plan to achieve greater heights. To this day, I have participated in several competitions, especially the 2010 “New Wave” music contest during which I received the jury’s appraisal. I have also participated in the first stage of the Armenia selection for the 2010 Junior Eurovision Contest. What have you achieved in dancing? A.S.: I dance hip-hop as an amateur and haven’t performed much. But I have performed Armenian dances several times in Armenia and abroad. My ensemble and I performed in Turkey in 2009 and 2010 and we are currently getting ready for the new concert to be held after June 15. Which is closest to your heart? A.S.: Singing is closer to my heart, but I think if you want to become a good singer, you have to be a good dancer as well. What motivated you to sing and dance? A.S.: Singing is genetic. My grandfather from my father’s side had a great voice, but my grandmother was quite envious and didn’t want my grandfather to continue singing. My father told me that when my grandfather would sing at an event or a gathering at our house, the people from other rooms would gather to listen. He would perform Armenian folk songs. How did you start your career as a singer? A.S.: I was told that I started singing when I was two years old. I would sing along to Layma Vaykule’s song “Acapulco” as soon as I heard it. When I got older, I decided to perform the songs by Armenian pop stars. When the “Hay Superstar” (Armenian Superstar) program began, I knew all the songs performed by the participants by heart. Our neighbors noticed how much I love music and advised me to seriously get involved in singing. As a result, my number one goal today is to become a good singer. Which is your genre? A.S.: I would like to sing in all genres. If I manage to do that and release my album, I would very much like to include performances in all musical genres. I love folk music, pop, jazz and rock and I sing in those genres already. How would you describe your singing in five words? A.S.: Unexpected, interesting, attractive, pleasant and sincere. How would you describe yourself in four words? A.S.: I am very communicative, kind, smart, but also very impatient. What are your future plans? A.S.: I will be participating in several charity concerts. I already have a new song, but haven’t recorded it yet. I hope to have a video clip for the song in late August. I have collaborated with Artur Ispiryan, but the video clip for the song will be released later. How many songs do you perform? A.S.: Well, I have written six or seven songs and will be working on composing new songs in the months to come. Aren’t you getting ready to release an album? A.S.: I still haven’t considered that. The Armenian society doesn’t know me that well yet. When I become famous, I’ll consider it. You have just come onto the music scene. What problems and difficulties have you faced? A.S.: It’s always hard to begin and you face difficulties at every step of the way, but the most important thing is fairness and modesty. Of course, it’s hard to be like that in this industry, but I need to. I think that’s the way to go, even though there are no specific boundaries. Do you prefer to be in Armenian show-business or go abroad? A.S.: I’ll try to develop in Armenia. If I receive offers from abroad and invitations to participate in competitions in other countries, I’ll try to participate in them as well. However, my major goal is to “earn” a title in Armenian show-business. I want to be famous and achieve success. Anahit, do you have a musical education? A.S.: I have graduated from Alexander Spendiaryan Specialized Music School. I studied in the classic vocal department for two years and then moved on to the jazz-pop music department when it opened. I have been taught by people who graduated from the Gnesins Musical Pedagogical Institute of Moscow and I liked the jazz-pop music department. What does one need to be famous? A.S.: First, you need a good producer. The producer has to be a person who is heartfelt and will help you with anything. Of course, a lot depends on the performer as well. If I’m strong and diligent, I can overcome any difficulty. Do you have competitors? A.S.: I respect all performers. I have my favorite singers like Shushan Petrosyan, Nune Yesayan and Sona Shahgeldyan..They are all true stars. I know that people have a hard time adjusting to something new and those who are old don’t like to give room for the newcomers. Do you have many fans? A.S.: I have fans, but they’re not fanatic. I remember an episode that is linked to them. One time when I was singing for young scouts in Byurakan, a boy approached me and gave me a bracelet as a gift. That was my first gift and I promised to keep it with me at all times. Of course, I have also received other gifts from fans, but that left a great impression on me. What does the audience’s applause mean to you? A.S.: It inspires me and gives me energy…When the audience applauds, then it means that the people like me. You also go to school. Do you have any favorite subjects? A.S.: Well, I mainly have a hard time studying natural sciences like geometry, algebra and physics, but I love chemistry, even though I don’t know a lot about that subject. I have good knowledge of literature, the Armenian language and foreign languages. What do you do on your free time? A.S.: I love painting, but only for myself. How would you describe your classmates? A.S.: My classmates are happy for my achievements. Thank God I have good classmates. Do you have a motto? A.S.: Sincerity moves ahead of glory, and pride comes before downfall. I never like to be arrogant. Your full name is always announced whenever you perform. Wouldn’t you like to have a stage name? A.S.: At first, I thought of naming myself Tihana and then Aneha, but there’s definitely no name better than my name. Gallery: Anahit Sahakyan Harutyun Tsatryan