“Jazz is the most interesting psychological state that makes a person become balanced”
Interview with jazzman Gary Kesayan
Eritasard.am: Mr. Kesayan, can students today be “jazz listeners”? Gary Kesayan: I am very pleased with our collaboration with the universities. We will participate in all the events and will tell about jazz. You know, this year UNESCO declared April 30th as International Jazz Day. It is an art at a high level and has a very positive impact on a person’s intellectual development. Improvising is an art when the improvision of the mind is in line with what’s going on. Jazz is the most interesting psychological state that makes a person become balanced. Eritasard.am: You have lived and worked in the United States for quite a long time. What made you return to Armenia? G. K.: I was always in touch with Armenia. My band in America would visit Armenia to give concerts almost every year. I returned because after working for others in America for 15 years, I decided to give some concerts for my nation as well for a little while. Eritasard.am: Which band do you perform with most often? G. K.: For the past couple of years, I have been performing with my band in Yerevan and visit Armenia more often. Eritasard.am: Will we ever see both of your jazz quartets on the same stage? G. K.: Yes, my band in America will arrive in Armenia soon. I plan on organizing a concert with my two bands. To this day, they have only performed together once, and only my saxophone player Marat Hakobyan has performed with my band in America. This time we will perform more songs so that it will be equal for both. We will also release an album and give concerts soon. Gallery: Gary Kesayan Jazz Quartet for the students Interview by Tsovinar Karapetyan