Arame could have been “the boy in the movie”
Interview with singer Arame visited singer Arame to “disturb” the rehearsal for his upcoming concert and “gossip” a little. Arame told us he had kickboxed for six years and even though he hadn’t received any fractures, he had undergone treatment of It turns out that Arame has kickboxed for six years. Even though he has never had a fracture, he did undergo treatment for his hematoma when the blows hurt his blood circulation. Arame left sports behind when he had to undergo treatment for six months after another blow. “I received that blow and simply continued to sing,” the singer says, jokingly. Arame doesn’t like to discuss his personal life, but says singers also have to live their own lives. Arame recently heard the latest “news” about him-it turns out “he goes around with three bodyguards”. “I guess I need them,” Arame says. The last book he read was Larry King’s “The Right Way of Communicating with People”. “I don’t like to read. I have trouble reading my own interviews. I am ready to listen to and speak with smart people and listen to the plot of the given book, but not read. I have tried a lot, but I haven’t been able to train myself since childhood. I always sleep halfway.” Why was Arame dismissed from school? How is his physics teacher doing today? What is Arame’s profession? Where can’t Arame sleep? Will he participate in Eurovision or not?-find the answers to these questions in our interview with Arame. How will this concert be different from the previous one? Arame: There will be more emphasis on the music this time. I have nearly 18 new songs, including some folk and few famous songs, as well as songs that I have always listened to, but have never performed. This time I decided to perform them on stage. As I was digging into my archives, the musicians of my band helped me select the songs that were familiar to me. This concert will feature more dance songs. I will be collaborating with dance groups more, and I am currently attending rehearsals with them. I did a lot this year. I composed new songs and released a new album, and decided to wrap it up with a concert at the end of the year. I write songs and produce video clips a little quickly, but I had taken a break to get away from it all and take a glance from the side to see what was going on and how the events were developing. What did you get out of that break? What became clear for you? Arame: I regret to say I didn’t see anything new. I declined all offers to appear on television programs or give interviews because I had nothing to say. It was then when I realized that there are people who need me. After these concerts, I won’t be giving solo concerts for a couple of years since the last one was just two years ago. I think it is a very short time before the next solo concert. As for albums, two years is ideal. There will be a pause. My next goal is to produce a folk song album featuring songs that haven’t been heard for the past 20 years, even though it will be very time-consuming. Even though you still don’t have a full band, could you tell us who the musicians are? Arame: We’re still working on that. Some of the musicians were simply absent for a couple of days. They are the ones that I always work and tour with. The band has six members, plus the musicians playing folk and string instruments. It will also feature duduk player Kamo Seyranyan. Overall, there will be 15 musicians playing 25 songs. A great singer will be on stage with me, and I will be performing the new duet with Arminka. What did you want to become when you were little? Arame: When I was little, I used to watch the films starring Jean Claude Van Dam and Chuck Norris. They were very popular and I wanted to become an actor since I was also involved in sports. I wanted to become “the boy in the movie” and win everyone. When I got a little older, I realized that singers sing and people come to listen to them sing, meaning people come to listen to one person. When I started receiving applause and hearing nice words, I became motivated and started following up on singers’ posture on stage and their interaction with the audience. Have you ever thought of what you would become, if you didn’t decide to become a singer? Arame: I am a lawyer, but it’s not like I go crazy for that profession. While studying at the institute of business and law administration, I realized that there were more youth who understood all that better than I did. I didn’t like it. In that case, why did you get accepted to that institute, especially since you were already involved in music? Arame: I got accepted because I needed to get accepted to some institute or university. I was dismissed from the 11th grade after I got into a dispute with my physics teacher, who made a bad comment in class. He didn’t like foreign students, and I had come in a little late. Being the young and hot-tempered Armenian I am, I wasn’t able to “digest” that and “physically” taught him a lesson (laughing). I hope the teacher was a man... Arame: Of course, it was a man. I am not that cruel. I have always been against such things, but that hurt me a lot, and he was the one that started it. He was young, and he could be beaten so that he would never make such a comment again. I moved to another school, didn’t do well on my exams and then I got accepted. That’s how I became a lawyer, even though it doesn’t help me much now. I know my rights, how to behave myself in different places, and where I am treated fairly and where I am not. I would perhaps be in sports or would invent something. Perhaps I would think of doing business. Your height has always been a topic of discussion. How do you “take advantage” of it? Arame: It has only helped me for the past 7-8 years. I used to have a complex. All my close friends are either “short” or very “short”. It only disturbs me when I want to sleep in a train. In planes, I have to sit in a seat so I can stretch my legs. I can’t stand in low planes. My musicians laugh at me. As a rule, the clothes that I like and want to buy don’t fit me and I mainly have them sewn. I try to make purchases on tour as well. There will be rumors about your participation in Eurovision soon. What do you intend to do? Arame: To be honest, if I participate, I will only participate this year. Everyone is telling me not to. I even picture what I will sing and how the choreography will be. If it works out, I will be highly motivated. I know many want to see me there. There have been times when we had prepared for it, but stayed back. Now, everyone is ready to do anything to make it to Eurovision. Believe me, it’s not worth it. After a couple of years, people might not even know who sang and who returned. Is there any international star with whom you would like to perform a duet? Arame: I wouldn’t be against it. I would even like to sing a duet with Lara Fabian. I asked Marine Gyulumyan if it would be possible, and she told me she would find out. She found out and we realized that it is too early. It would be like flying higher than I am currently flying. I will sing with her whenever it is possible. Gallery: Arame Interview by Tsovinar Karapetyan