Vic Darchinyan: “I knew what I was doing when I changed the flag”
Interview with Vic Darchinyan
Former IBF/WBC/WBA world champion in the second lightweight category Vic Darchinyan is in Armenia for two weeks to relax, see family and friends and start preparing for his match in March. “Eritasard.am”: What is the purpose of your visit to Armenia this time? Vic Darchinyan: I miss Armenia. I miss my parents and friends, even though they visited me this year. I have come to have a good time with my friends and Armenians, get charged and go back to start my trainings. “Eritasard.am”: How did Australians react to your decision to “change the flag”? V. D.: In boxing, you get paid by television stations and not promoters. In Australia and the United States, people have to pay to watch a duel live. There are 10-20,000 people who watch my duels and each of them pays 50-70 dollars, but now that is gone. My duels are no longer shown on live television, but I knew what I was doing. “Eritasard.am”: Do you see future boxers in Armenia? V. D.: We have very good trainers. I haven’t seen the boxers’ matches, but I know they are at a rather high level. I will start promoting when I stop boxing after a couple of years. The whole world rates Armenians’ pugnacious style and I believe Armenia has athletes who simply need some help and promotion. “Eritasard.am”: Is it possible to see a sports school or club after Vic Darchinyan in Armenia in the future? V. D.: Yes, of course. There is currently a school in Spitak. We have trainers, but they are trainers who won’t change the boxers’ styles. I don’t have a lot of time to get involved in that because I have a duel every 3-4 months, but we stay in touch. I help the school with sports equipment. I would like to open a sport club in Yerevan in a couple of years for children to know that they can earn money with their strength and provide a good life for themselves and their families. “Eritasard.am”: You once said you would have one of your duels in Armenia… V. D.: I wanted to have a duel in Armenia last year. There were people in Armenia who told me they would help me out because it is not only based on desire. The American Showtime television station gave me that chance, even though it didn’t want to. I had a very big duel in June, but I refused because I wanted to have the duel in Armenia. I didn’t receive any support from Armenia and the duel was cancelled. Showtime considers me the second best boxer after Bernard Hopkins. “Eritasard.am”: You’re a professional boxer. Do you follow up on amateur boxing? V. D.: I don’t follow up on amateur boxing too much because television stations don’t air it in Australia, but I read, listen to and find out about what is going on. My style and amateur boxing are very different. Amateur boxers work hard to win every round. In professional boxing, I always go for the knockout. I have also been an amateur boxer and have always tried to move on to professional boxing. Whoever I lost to was by a difference of 1 or 2 points. “Eritasard.am”: The more you lost, the more you wished to take revenge. Has there even been such a case? V. D.: Not yet. I lost to Nonito Doner three and a half years ago. At the time, nobody knew about him, but now they love and respect him like a king and I “gave” him all that. I have been after him all this time and haven’t been able to have a match with him. “Eritasard.am”: Who has been your most difficult opponent? V. D.: My best opponent was Columbian Pacheco in 2004. He is a very talented boxer. At the time, he had had 33 duels, no defeats and had won 25 of them with a knockout. He has won the world championship 6 times with a knockout. As for me…it was as if they had let a hungry wolf loose. I won him with a knockout in the 11th round and I remember it like it was yesterday. “Eritasard.am”: What are you going to do after you leave the professional ring? V. D.: For now, my goal is to move to another weight category. It is not too hard to maintain my belts and titles. My goal is to change my weight and become a world champion and that is more difficult. I have scored 7 titles in 2 weight categories and I think people will hear my name in the world of boxing in the future. Later, I think I will be a promoter and my boxers will be given duels just by mentioning my name. Tsovinar Karapetyan