“This is how I am a year later”
Interview with Emmy.
More than 9 months ago, the unique, most brilliant female pop singer in Armenia was a little offended by Armenians. To put it shortly, she held a grudge and left us. Emmy is the most hard-working and most charming female Armenian singer with a good voice, mind-blowing video clips and high-class performances. She always chooses the best songs to sing and has been acclaimed “Best Female Singer of the Year”. But as a human being, she just couldn’t leave and hold a grudge. During her stay in the U.S. in the past months, she has been actively recording songs, working on dance numbers and has been preparing for a solo concert in Yerevan. But there was also an important event that made her come back sooner. As you already guessed, it was the Eurovision Song Contest and finally, the long-anticipated participation of Emmy. Eritasard.am: You have been using the word combination “new page” a lot recently. Is it really that important for you to start a new page? Emmy: Yes, it is. To be honest, there are two very “new pages” in my life right now. The first one is my big solo concert and that is the reason why I returned to Armenia. I had started working on the concert in the United States, which will feature new performances, old songs and world hits. The next “new page” was Alexan Harutyunyan’s offer to represent Armenia at Eurovision 2011. Eritasard.am: But you said you were never going to participate in that song contest again. Emmy: Yes, I did and I wasn’t going to. Mr. Harutyunyan simply told me that this time it was going to be a contest for songs and not singers by the decision of the council; otherwise I wouldn’t participate in the contest for singers. Eritasard.am: Was participating in the contest for singers a matter of principle for you? Emmy: After the preparatory stage, I simply said that I would never participate in a preparatory stage ever again. If I said that, it means that this was a matter of principle for me. I have managed to leave my memories and emotions aside and now my priority is to raise the tricolor abroad. That is why I decided to participate. Eritasard.am: Emmy, this is how you look at it from the outside. How did you come to grips and convince yourself? Emmy: I don’t know. It was a little difficult, but I managed. It is time to move on. If I have decided to participate, then I will do my best. It is too late to consider it or dispute. I have to pull myself together, be organized, work hard and believe that my performance will be great. Eritasard.am: There is always a surprise in store during your performances, either a ballet or you coming out of the “bathroom”. There are many examples and each of them is the result of long, hard work. Where does all that strength and energy to work come from? Emmy: It’s in my blood. My mother is also very hard-working, but my father is more relaxed. He pays attention to every little detail and slowly reaches his goal. I work a little faster, but that doesn’t mean that I am not meticulous. I also try to present every little detail as correctly as possible. I don’t like to rest. I get tired of that. I love to keep working. Eritasard.am: Let’s talk about show-business. You always provide the audience with a unique and beautiful show on stage. What about business? Emmy: If you want to turn all the shows into a reality, there has to be business. You have to have money for all that and it is impossible without it. You have to invest and spend in order to see good results. Business is necessary and there is no meaning to the show without it. Only through business can you have a high-quality “product” and satisfy your audience. Eritasard.am: Is it easy to satisfy an Armenian audience? Emmy: Working with the Armenian audience is a little difficult. But in reality, it all depends on the artist. If you are dedicated and work for them, you will definitely receive adequate feedback. I have found the right formula for myself. You simply have to be very sincere with the audience and never think that you are better than them since you are the one on stage. You always have to be yourself and that is the greatest secret. Eritasard.am: How do you feel a year later? Emmy: I am very tired, but happy…I would also like to say…I can’t find the right word. Perhaps I should say I am fine and in a great mood. Yes, this is how I am a year later. Eritasard.am: Criticism, rumors, gossip… Emmy: I always accept them. I have matured in the past year. Now I look at things more rationally. Criticism that is given appropriately is such a good thing. If you are smart, you will never miss the opportunity to learn your lesson. As far as gossip is concerned, in my opinion, if there is no gossip, the society and your audience are somewhat not interested in you. This doesn’t mean that I want that. It’s just that there has to be gossip. Eritasard.am: You had a busy schedule in the United States as well, but you were away from “home”. What about longing? Emmy: It was really very difficult for me. I am more of a “home person”. I always spend my free time at home and this is what made my stay in the United States more difficult. This was the first time that I was staying in the United States for a longer period and I especially missed my parents. They were even following up on my work via Skype at the recording studio. I just wanted them to be by my side. I hope I will never be far away from them for such a long time again. Gallery: Emmy Lilit Grigoryan