The dangerous concert of Aram Khachaturian State String Quartet
On April 13, the Aram Khachaturian State String Quartet gave a concert dedicated to the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide in Adis Abeba, Ethiopia.
The quartet’s director, violist Vache Hoveyan mentioned that in spite of problems, the quartet gave a wonderful concert for an audience of about 450 people. “In the morning, Turkey’s Ambassador almost ran to the hotel and threatened us that he would sue us, if we gave a concert. We were even warned that we could be offered a bribe, and we told them that all of Turkey and the Muslim world didn’t have enough money to pay us. The leaders of all religions, ambassadors and others attended the concert. This wasn’t just our success. This was also the success of our community, Ambassador Armen Melkonyan and the Ministry of Culture,” Hoveyan mentioned. The concert featured performances of the works of Komitas, Aram Khachaturian, Vard Manukyan and Ruben Altunyan. According to the members of the quartet, they were very well received and received a lot of positive feedback. Vache Hoveyan added that even though not every person can understand classical music, he has his audience of educated and literate people. “Classical music is not just soul food, but can also educate. I would love to see classical music taught in schools because people who listen to and perceive classical music are closer to God,” the quartet’s director mentioned. Let us mention that the quartet has also received invitations to give concerts.