Vardine Manukyan: “Black or white?”
Young photographer Vardine Manukyan opened her personal exhibition at HAYart Cultural Center.
Black and white are the two colors of the color palette in Vardine Manukyan’s photos, and those two colors surely symbolize good and evil, good and bad, virtue and sin. The Easter holiday was what motivated Vardine to organize her personal photo exhibition, and evidence of that are the titles taken from the New Testament. “Life is a “black-and-white road”, but I would like for people to choose white and walk on a “white road”,” says Vardine. The photographer says her favorite photo is the photo that shows a mix of colors and has the following title: “However, every person is tried as he gives in to desires and is tricked. After that, desire leads to sin, and the committed sin leads to death.” According to Vardine, the coils of colored strings portrayed in the photo show how sin can be so attractive and have so many “colors”. But the price of sin is death, and the symbol of that are the knitting needles that cross each other. Vardine Manukyan says she isn’t a photographer by profession, but an English language translator. “The world of photography has always attracted me. I think my first successful photo was an amateur photo of a landscape in Tsakhkadzor. A year ago I started studying at Lumen Photo Studio, after which I started showing a more professional approach and tried to become a professional photographer,” says the photographer. Vardine says she likes to show the faces of children and people. Most of the visitors were also impressed by the panoramic photos of Yerevan taken from the top of a crane and from the peak of “Haghtanak” (Victory) Park. The classic synthesis of black and white is expressed in a new way in Vardine’s photos and will attract all visitors. Astghik Melik-Karamyan